• Polyurethane Systems


    PU Systems

    Being thermoset and thermoplastic, polyurethane adhesives are used for bonding of different surfaces. According to bond structures they have temperature (-40 ℃,+140 ℃), acid, and oil resistance.

    According to different production methods there are products being fast or slow curing, applied with spray or roller.

    Single Component PU System:

    Single component Polyurethane systems are cured with moisture. There are solvent based and solventless types. The laminated surfaces need to stay under press for a while satisfying durability and transportation. According to characteristics of applications applying heat may be required. It is possible to develop a product providing desired curing time and viscosity value.

    Two Component Solventless PU Systems:

    These types of sytestems are filled or unfilled. As required the products are developed, which have foaming and self-levelling properties. According to performance criterias curing time and mixing ratio can be adjustable. The mixing is realized automatically or manually.

    Reactive PU Systems:

    Reactive PU systems are occurred of cross-links which bring high adhesion strength. Upon completion of curing, high strength solutions are obtained, which realizing high-temperature and chemical resistance.

    Solvent Based Systems:

    With high initial adhesion, application specific, having different solvent and contents structures, they are single and two-components adhesives. There are solutions which having different viscosity characteristics, being automatic and manual systems specific, satisfying curing and open-time.

    Solventless Systems:

    They are single and two-components having % 100 solid-contents, having different viscosity and curing characteristics. Different demands on manufacturers we offer to our customers by developing value-added products as well as we make service with our current solutions.

  • Epoxy Systems


    Epoxy Systems:

    Single Component Epoxy Systems:

    Single component systems are cured with heat. We can offer a wide range of products listed from high stiffness to high elongation characteristics. The curing temperature of the products is 900C-1200C and curing time can be between 2 and 5 hours.

    Two Components Epoxy Systems:

    Unlike the single-component systems, in a two component systems resine systems are accompanied with hardener components. The system is curing with a certain mixing ratio and time. Some of our products need pre-curing process.


With customer specific applications we are offering %100 custemer satisfaction.

  • Furniture and Wood Applications


    Furniture and Wood Applications:

    D4-norm Single and Two-component Adhesives:

    PU adhesives solutions are used for the lamination of the panels having different structure and thickness, applications of rubber and natural products onto massive and concrete surfaces. Furthermore on the vessels and wood markets, with single and two-components products having resistance to sea-water, the needs of the market are satisfied.

    3D Membran-Press Adhesives:

    High temperature, having resistance to water and sea-water, single and two components systems having fast and spray characteristic are used for the covering of the press problematic amorphous surfaces. They are solventless water-based polyurethane dispersions.

    Wood-Imitation PU Filling Materials:

    They are two-components polyurethane filling materials used as a imitation parts in place of mirror frame, clima covers, furniture and wood.

    Post-Forming Adhesives:

    Mostly used in laminate markets. These types of adhesives are applied to the desired surfaces for bonding. After evaporating of solvents on the surfaces, heat thermoplastic bonds realized under press with heat.

    Wooden Case and Frame Coating Adhesives:

    They are adhesive which are used for coating of case and frame with foil. There are various types having various open-time for the various machine-speed.

  • Packaging Market


    Packaging Market:

    Besides high-speed production and low-cost lamination applications, solventless adhesives are used for the high performance applications like sterilization and pasteurization.

    Generally preferred for high performance applications, solvent-based adhesives laminates films like Al, PET, etc. These types adhesives are providing food norms aspects of ingredients and migrations.

  • Printing Market


    Printing Market:

    In the printing market single component polyurethane system is serviced for the cellophane applications. These types of adhesive are used for laminating various films with Al.

  • Building Applications


    Building Applications:

    Single and two-components polyurethane systems are used to bond for the applications such as sandwich panel and door production, coating window profile and panels with foil, raised floor systems, rubber flooring, roof insulation systems.

  • Textile Market


    Textile Market:

    Single component fast curing solvent based and solventless adhesives are used for the implementation of laminations such as foam-foam, foam-fabric, fabric-fabric applications. There are various adhesives according to machine-line and performance criterias.

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