• Sustainable technology for packaging.
    We are a part of your life with products compatible with the environment and human health.
  • Existence for your packaging.
    For sustainable future, with the principle of continuous improvement, we create a habitat compatible with nature by minimizing our waste and diversifying it with our renewable energy investment.
  • Sustainability is in our chemistry.
    While shaping our future, we support you with our high-tech inks and glues.

What we care

We are shaping the future with sustainability


RTC Chemical seeks and builds better solutions for our partners. We provide superior services and product solutions to add more value to what our partners can do alone.We are the innovation builders for flexible packaging industry. Whit our extensive product range casisting of printing ink and laminating adhesives. We are searching for every detail, serving to better and sustainable human life.


RTC Chemical values every partner and treats environment, health, people with dignity and mother care.


As a future oriented company , RTC is flexible and open to new ideas in all our areas of scope. We take immediate actions for developments and put them into practice.


Operates in the adhesive, coating and printing inks sector and offers the necessary technical materials to Is aiming to be a leador interms of innovation efficiency and environmental investments productivity. To packaging , construction, energy, Automobile , industries based on the fundamental principles of high quality, on time supply and full technical support. Having the god to be CO2 positive by the end of 2023, RTC chemical keeps on investny in all possible areas of interest. Energy, efficiency and environment are moin three topıcs, our teams are focusing on. Newly developed Crocsinks brand name of packing inks provides excellent efficiency to all customer and help them reduce their cost while maintaining the highest possible quality. The compostable leming oldhesrues , FlexCo is offerring solutions to environmental problems of food packaging. The latest development of RTC Chemical; ,is water based O2 barriers for flexible packaking whit brand name Santadur offers opportunities to simply the packing solutions for the long shelf life foods.



RTC Chemical is mostly operating its businesses in polyurethane and epoxy based adhesive industries. High quality, on time delivery, competitive price are among the main advantages that RTC offers to its customers. RTC is aiming to work with high quality labor force that is strictly dedicated to corporate values; innovative, respect, dynamism and solidarity in their relations with both customers and suppliers. Priority and the vision of RTC are to be a leading and a creative firm in the targeted region for particular business areas.



You Need; Value-Added High-Guality Products


Our high quality products are indispensable for industrial application area.


Various product groups used for high-speed production lamination applications with solvent and solvent-free Polyurethane-based adhesives


Our product groups used as binders and flexibilizers in our ink systems


High pigmented PU based Ultra inks and standart pigmented NC/PU based Norm inks are available for packaging.

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