Various product groups used for high-speed production lamination applications with solvent and solvent-free Polyurethane-based adhesives

One Component Solventless Adhesives

These Reactive hotmelt adhesives have been developed for cardboard applications. Application temperature is between 70 – 80 degree celsius.

Two Component Solventless Adhesives

These grades have high variability and designed according to customer needs. From General purpose to high performance grades with variable potlife , chemical and heat resistance are in the service of the customers. Acrylic , polyester and polyether grades are in the current product portfolio.

Two Component Solventbased Adhesives

Solvent based adhesives are being used for high elasticisity high chemical and high heat resistance purposes. From medium performance to high perfromance all possible requests can be met by RTC.


Biodegredable grades for flexible packaging industry. For greener earth and sustainable cliamate , ENVIRA han been developed.